How to get your ebay listings to appear on BoxOfficeHero (oh yeah, we do that now)

BoxOfficeHero now locates ebay auctions that match an event you’re looking at and will show you ticket prices IF there are matching auctions on ebay. This is being done to give you another source of tickets you can use to help find better selection, access to sold out events and to help make all your options appear as quickly as possible.

Sadly, it’s not perfect – yet.

Since Sellers can set their own titles for auctions, and we’re *still* waiting for approval to use the ebay API to get more detailed listing information, we had to settle for searching for the Event Name, City and Date in mm/dd/yy format. Surprisingly this covers a fair number of the tickets being sold on ebay right now – and so if you’re browsing tickets for an event and see something like this, don’t be surprised:


One example of how ebay listings for tickets will appear on BoxOfficeHero

An Example Listing



Now, you might notice that we’ve included a small warning on each ebay ticket listing: double-check event details before purchasing on ebay.

Just because we *think* the listing is for the same event does NOT make it so – always verify with the seller to ensure that you are getting the tickets you expect to be getting. Don’t take it on faith that if we linked to the auction, the tickets must be real, the seller is legit and the event is still upcoming.. in the course of our testing we found active listings for Madonna tickets where the event has been over and done for MANY months.. which is confusing to us, and a potential problem for you.

Another example of how BoxOfficeHero is helping to get you better deals on tickets

Another example, this one without the current price

So – remember to check to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying – and hope you enjoy the additional ticket options!

For ebay sellers who want to have their inventory featured – make sure your auction has the city and date in the description and we *should* pick it up automatically. The system does cache content for a little while to make things faster – but you should see your auction appear in about an hour, sometimes less.


So what do you think – does anyone still use ebay when buying tickets?


What services besides the box office and ebay would you like to see us integrate with next?

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