Jesse Cook – Amazing.

Jesse Cook comes across as a superb guitarist, with A hint of Leona Boyd for any of you that can remember that far back. ‘Tempest’ is a song that will keep you moving moving moving. It`s got lots of light riffs, and the dexterity with which Jesse plays makes it no wonder he won a Juno for best album.

‘Spanish Sunset’ has an epic feel that you might find on a movie soundtrack, for instance, and this song actually gave this reviewer the chills. What do you think guys?

‘Battle and Burn’ is another song, going back to 1998 now, where we hear Jesse build his melody with a constant flow of claps and light drums. The guy is just phenomenal. Is it Flamenca? Is it Gypsy? It`s amazing. It will get you out of your seat, and moving to the groovsic 🙂

We could compare Cook to other contemporary artists, but it`s really not like that much else out there unless you come from Spain. Santa Marta, off of the album Rumba Foundation is a lamentation in musica, and not to be missed. ‘Tuesday`s child’ and ‘Manolo`s lament’, more gifts from off of the Rhumba Foundation have plenty of full sounding guitar riffs. Manolos lament sounds like the artist is taking us in a a journey somewhere with some accordian thrown in for extra sauce.

‘Dance of Spring’ just makes you want to move, as it ambles along a staccato delivery of all the right strings. It’s more than you can do not to sit still. Sometimes the guitar is so rapid, you can barely see Cook’s hands move in the video. The traditional drums backing up the guitar on this track give it a steady beat, until it ends on a note of melancholy.  Check it out here:

Jesse Cook

Get out to see Jesse Cook, and I guarantee that almost no matter who you are, you will have a great time. Tickets are on sale now! The randolph theatre May 3rd and May 4th.

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