Jonas Brothers Live comes to Toronto!

The Jonas Brothers are world record holders for having 5 singles enter the top 20 billboard charts in 2009. I tell you. ‘Lines Vines and Trying Times’ is their latest offering, and it’s jam packed with hits. ‘Don’t Speak’ starts off with great inspiring strings, and just goes on to soliloquise the thought that sometimes we’re better off without words. This song really rips it up, talking about how the future is out of focus. I really love it.

‘Turn Right’ is the next offering on this album, much smoother and more mellow. The strings are back though, a keynote of this whole album. This song sounds like it’s being sung directly to some lover of one of these brothers, what a lucky girl. Moving on, there’s this track,

‘Hey baby’, which demands a little respect.

Well can’t boy bands let loose now and then with a little bit of angst?

Sure they can! I can really identify with this song, as it reminds me of a few choice words I’ve had for a few of my exes-hah. Don’t charge me for the crime is next, and it’s filled with plenty of groovey sounds effects, suggesting the innocence of people just trying to make a buck. The pursuit of the American dream gets defended here, for anyone that can identify with that, I know you’re out there.

‘What did I do to your heart’ reminds me of an Elvis song, apologetically singing the sorrows of a broken heart. There’s even a harmonica solo along with the usual strings. You’ve gotta love these brothers.

‘Black Keys’ is next, which starts out with some melodious piano, and the song’s main appeal is as a love song towards an unknown object of affection. It sounds good to me! Jonas Brothers are coming to Molson Amphitheatre on Thursday July 18 so get ready!

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