The devil makes three is coming to Toronto!

I’m not going to say much about this band except that if you like southern twang you’re going to be in for a treat. We’re gonna start it off with old number 7, a song about drinking in heaven. “I grew up fast and I grew up mean”… “up here the bottle never runs dry” I love it. It’s like a question…. are we allowed to drink in heaven? ‘The Bullet’ is all about death. Who can’t relate to that. It’s got a really moving tempo, and I think a lot of Bill Joel fans can relate to this song.

Rising from the ashes, this artist really connects with anyone who’s lonely. I can see why this track is a favourite. ‘Statesboro Blues’ has got some really tough banjo that nobody can mess with. The everpresent Double Bass really shines through on this track too. You can really feel the artist talking to you here, it’s like they are trying to fit into your conscience. ‘Do Wrong Right’, the title track off of the latest offering by this trio goes on to defy the convention of organized education. Now personally, I just enjoy sucking up the banjo and country style here, but the lyrics have got some really good content too.

The group’s members are guitarist Pete Bernhard, upright bassist Lucia Turino, and guitarist and tenor banjo player Cooper McBean, and I really have to stand up got Lucia because she brings the fire. I’m going to run through a few more tracks for us here, because just something about the Devil Makes Three inspires me. ‘Black Irish’ is a  song about visceral sensitivity, talking about doing everything you feel like doing and doing it tonight. Who can’t identify with this kind of talk. Well I guess that’s really the band’s moniker shining through.

You can check out that song, but before you do that, check out this one.

This song is all about regret and lost opportunities, so we can all feel a tad of that can’t we. I really am getting addicted to this twang, although my roommate is complaining for Dragonforce, an act that you can’t even compare to this rockabilly. The thing I like most about the Devil Makes Three is their collusion, the way they just blend together so well. That`s got to be the biggest factor in my appreciation. `Never Learn` is all about rebelling against society. Tickets are on sale now for their show at The Opera House, so get going!

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