Tim McGraw does Toronto!

Tim McGraw is coming to Toronto people. What do I have to say about that you may ask. Well, a few choice things. The first of all is, have you heard Tim McGraw? He’s the Elvis of country music currently, and it just sounds good to me, talking about how some outcast girl still feels good to him no matter the happenstance of her life. Then all, of a sudden McGraw’s in the bar, still ‘lost in that cherry lip gloss’. When you write a song like this, it’s just meant to be shared.

‘Live like you were dying’ is an ode to old age and the recurring thoughts to do as much as you can possibly do before you kick the bucket. Now even a theme like this might make some artists quiver, but not McGraw. He can still make it sound like it’s pure poetry.

The thing about this concert is that it will SELL OUT IN NO TIME FLAT, so get your tickets while you can. Now I’m going to take a run down of some more McGraw offerings.

‘Just to see you smile’ is an ode to a long love, and the emotion really comes through in McGraw’s voice. If he quit his job to be with a girl, she must have been a real humdinger. ‘Don’t take the girl’ is a softer melody, and it’s all about inclusiveness and marriage. You’ve gotta melt on this one people.

‘Truck Yeah’ is a song about guess what. TRUCKS!. It’s got that honkey tonk feel to it, and the video’s jampacked with clips of McGraw’s trucking buddies. You can almost taste the oily hillbilly hair polish on this one.

‘One of those nights’ is a feel good anthem by McGraw, and  you can catch him here in his trademark stetson. Tickets are already on sale – don’t miss out!

Tim McGraw in Toronto – Thursday, July 25th, 2013


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