Classified is coming To Toronto!

The best, best, best, hands down track by this artist lately has got to be my inner ninja. It`s just all about improving yourself, and doing the best that you can. Classified, in case you have no idea, is a rapper coming out of Enfield Nova Scotia, or Halifax, eventually anyway. The Day Doesn`t Die is a more soothing track, designed to remind us that tomorrow`s always around the corner. It’s a hit.

The thing about Classified is that he has such a huge repertoire of hits that he can rely on to please the crowd. Let`s visit one of of his first big hits, ‘No Mistakes’. It’s all about Marijuana and how you shouldn’t be addicted.. And about how mistakes are just a part of life. ‘Feelin Fine’  is an awesome anthem featuring Jordan, all about good values and making the right choices. The video for this song is dope, check it out here:

‘Quit while you’re ahead’ is a song all about how Maestro Fresh Wes and Classified have got the veteran status when it comes to dropping rhymes and flipping beats. Who could argue with them when they put it like that, really. The video’s pretty dope, check it out here. It’s even got the typical hip hop bootie included.

‘Inspiration’ is all about focusing on the best things you can think of, and it’s dedicated to a dude named Phil Lacroix. There’s some really good strings on this track, so take a good listen.

This next song, ‘Maybe it’s Just me’ features an older dude named Brother Ali with a white goatee. He really tears it up, talking about Love and inspiration. It’s one of those songs that just makes you happy, and the video is chock full of an east coast house party as well as some nice scenery of the countryside. It’s really got some tight rhymes by the classmaster, so listen up here:

‘Unusual’ feat. Joe Budden is really another inspiring tune, and it’s got lots of authentic hand drums and sweet fx. Classified talks about the falsehood of fast friends on this track, and it’s really good to know that there’s someone holding it down for Canada out there. This guy has released over 12 albums in 12 years, and been on tour so much that he’s been to most major Canadian cities more than a few times. I suggest you check him out, you can find tickets here.

Looking for something to do this weekend in Toronto? We’ve got a list.

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