Risky Dodgers Bet is Paying Off – Could Puig Make the difference?

Yasiel Puig Diving for a Catch

Yasiel Puig Diving

The Dodgers haven’t had much luck in the last year with all of the injuries its players have been suffering. The $216 million dollar payroll just didn’t seem to be paying off.

That is, until Yasiel Puig came on board. Yasiel Puig is a breath of fresh air for the Dodgers. Even Vin Scully was taken aback by Puig’s performance in last Thursday’s game against Atlanta.

Puig hit an 8th inning grand slam, leading the Dodgers to a 5-0 victory that night.

According to an article in the New York Times, Scully was quoted in an interview saying,

I’ve never seen a player who is a five-tool player show all five tools in three games.

Puig’s first week in the major leagues has been nothing less than impressive.

He has thrown out two base runners, hit a total of four home runs, drew an intentional walk, and made a dive into first base ahead of a short hit. His major league baseball career began last Monday, June 3, 2013.

Puig plays again June 15th, 2013 for the Dodgers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Fun Fact: Puig had an uncommon entry to the MLB. While most players are judged according to their playing history and long in person training sessions in which they have time to show their prowess, strength, and speed. Yasiel Puig, however, had defected from Cuba just days before new U.S. restrictions concerning new international players would take effect. He had only 3 days to show the scout director what he was made of.

Puig pulled it off, and was signed on to the Dodgers on June 28, 2012.

That was almost a year ago. Logan White, the Dodgers scouting director, made the risky call to sign Puig and gave him a seven-year contract totaling $42 million.

Yasiel Puig needed to show his new owners that he could pull his own weight in season, and that’s exactly what he has done in his first week on the job.

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