Fun in Phoenix, Scottsdale – Arizona Entertainment this summer

Prepare yourself this fall with a schedule full of music festivals, Italian pop-opera, concerts, comedy specials, and more. Spoil yourself with some of the best entertainment in the Phoenix area. Box Office Hero has many tickets available for a wide variety of shows, whether you would prefer an evening of wrestling entertainment or live music.

To start off, Box Office Hero will have tickets for the Red Rocks Music Festival, taking place in Scottsdale. The Red Rocks Music Festival is a great event for any young, aspiring, or music-loving individual. This festival brings together a variety of musical styles and techniques. This event is also great for young adults interested in the arts. Tickets are available for a three day pass with the event starting August 23rd. Tickets will also be available for an event on September 7th to see Steinway Artists Yuki and Tomoko Mack – they will for sale starting June 18th. The Red Rocks Music Festival will be taking place at ASU Louise Lincoln Kerr Cultural Center.

Perhaps you have a taste for Italian opera? Another performance you can really sink your teeth into is Il Volo. This trio has a unique style of music combining Italian opera with a modern pop style. The music is relaxing, while still catchy and fun. Take your girlfriend to her first opera; it will make a great romantic evening event! The event will be taking place in the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix on September 1st. Box Office Hero has tickets for Il Volo in Phoenix available for purchase at this very moment

If you are looking to grab some laughs, grab some tickets for the comedy show Funny or Die. Funny or Die will be presenting an Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival. The entertainers will be including parody songs by Flight of the Conchords, as well as many comedians, including Dave Chappelle, Al Madrigal, Hannibal Buress, Kristen Schaal, and Brody Stephens. This is the perfect evening event for a group of friends looking for some great laughs. The event will be taking place at Desert Sky Pavilion; be sure to snatch some tickets before they sell out!

Maybe you’re more interested in something more intense? Catch some tickets for WWE Monday Night Raw. WWE is one of the most famous, highly anticipated, and intense of all professional wrestling competitions. WWE is the perfect entertainment source for any hardcore wrestling fans looking to blow off some steam. Box Office Hero has tickets available for an event located in US Airways Center in Phoenix -The event takes place August 26th 2013.

Stop by the US Airways Center again on October 24th to see Jimmy Buffett perform live. Let Buffett’s music take you to an island far far away with his catchy, and occasionally humorous, music. This concert makes for a great anniversary gift. Tickets are on sale now. Try to snag some before they are sold out!

Lastly, wander into the depths of industrial rock with Nine Inch Nails’ Tension & Explosions in the Sky. Nine Inch Nails’ will be performing live in concert at the US Airways Center. Dive head first into their intense, rock-style music. This event is perfect for any diehard rock fans. The event will be taking place on November 9th. Be sure to pick up your tickets here!

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