Cage the Elephant in Ventura, CA: A Powerful Experience

Cage the Elephant rocked the Majestic Ventura Theater

Ten thousand people stand alone now, and in the evening the sun sets, tomorrow it will rise, time flies by, they all sang along. From “Come a little closer” by Cage the Elephant

If you aren’t familiar with the band they have an eclectic sound with the mix of classic rock, funk and blues; because of their versatile sound it’s easy to listen to them in a calm mood or not so calm mood. Their most recent album Melophobia released October, 8 2013. The album has obscure song titles like Spiderhead and Teeth; the songs are filled with soulful rock vocals and jams that have a feel good sound.

After their album released their American tour kicked off on April 11th 2014 and six days later, post Coachella, the Majestic Ventura Theater show took place, because of the few shows between the start of their tour and the Ventura Theater show they were still full of energy and rock n roll.

Double fisted with beers in hand, guitarist Brad Shultz comes out, and in that moment everyone knew this was going to be a rad night. Opening with spiderheads, you could tell that the band was just as talented in real life as on the album.

The concert started out with a chill 70’s beach feeling but with rock sound as the base. You could feel the energy very strongly in the crowd.

By number song two there was nearly a mosh pit starting up: the energy level of the band was so high the crowd couldn’t help but jump around and get a bit crazy.

The lead vocalist Matt Shultz gets so into his songs that it makes for a truly amazing concert. A standout point of the concert is the crowd and it was in a full on mosh pit the entire set. The crowd was so pumped  screamed “f*ck Coachella!” (where they had performed at a few days earlier).

This really encouraged the crowd to rock even harder. You really never get a time to breath, but it’s the best feeling and it wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the band bringing full energy to the venue and the fans.

The most amazing part of the entire show is definitely the way Matt engages his fans. The set was nearly done and the crowd was chanting “encore, encore, encore” then Cage the Elephant hit the stage for their last two songs. Cage The ElephantYou knew it was going to get even crazier when Matt came out shirtless. The crowd went wild!

For the last couple songs it felt as if you were at a metal concert. To conclude the concert lead vocalist Matt crowd surfed, kissed a few fans, stood on the top of the crowd, did a hand stand on the top of a sound box in the back of the crowd, and was carried back to the stage.

It was truly amazing. The guitarist was also inspired to crowd surf but overestimated the crowed a bit, jumped from three stacked amps and fell flat to the floor. It was a riveting and mind blowing conclusion to a rad concert by Cage the Elephant.

If I had the chance I would go to a concert of theirs regularly. As soon as their next tour is announced I have to get my hands on those tickets and you do too. You will not regret the purchase it will be a night to remember.

You may be a little sore afterward but it’s well worth experiencing their songs live and the high-energy, rock and roll atmosphere.

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