Laura Welsh – Big Sound in a Small Room

At 9:30pm on October 8th Laura Welsh stepped onto the stage at a small, private club to perform her first show in Los Angeles with a keyboard player to her left. I was there and I’m very glad I had the chance to see her debut here in LA.

Laura Welsh is an English singer/songwriter making her debut in Los Angeles. Laura is a lovely young woman based in London, England. She released her first EP in 2013, only in the UK. This July she had her first self titled EP Laura Welsh released in the american iTunes Store which features songs like “Ghosts” and “Break the Fall“.

Through this she shares with us her very strong voice through these heartfelt ballads.


I wasn’t familiar with Laura Welsh until contacted about covering her first Los Angeles show. Once I got into researching her and listening to her latest self titled EP, I became a fan.

I was looking forward to listening to her riveting ballads live. On the record she has a very strong voice backed by piano and some more technical beats. For the most part upbeat but still a deep powerful sound and message. I was delighted to hear she was coming to LA.

The venue was a private club in Los Angeles that for now will remain nameless.

As I entered it was clear this was going to be a simple but warm show. The venue had a warm lounge feeling, it has bar, a few table to one side, couches in the center, comfortable chairs to the other side, a long community table, it had an easy going, rustic, comfortable feeling.

The stage was just at the corner of the space. It slowly filled up and people were socializing, eating, having drinks and a good time.

The lights dimmed and everyone quickly guided their full attention to this cute British woman standing center stage. She announced herself for her first time in LA with a simple “Hello, I’m Laura Welsh” in a strong, pleaseant British accent

From the first few notes of “Here for You” by Gorgon City she had every person in the room spellbound.

Her sound was very big for this small venue. It was a simple, personal, one-on-one experience.

Her voice captivated everyone in the building, myself included.

It beautiful with her voice along with the keyboard, melodies and harmonies and a wonderful warmth.

She after another song then played Break the Fall off her EP that is available in America. This song is one of my favorite and it sounded a bit different from the recorded song, because of the simple just acoustic voice and piano sound at the show, but it was still incredible to listen to live.

This was her first show in LA and I think it was a perfect start to a big career ahead and hopefully many more shows to come. The crowd got quite excited when she covered “Nobody to Love” by Sigma. It’s always a great idea for artists to play a cover because even if most don’t know your songs this song is one that many can connect to.

The crowd responded very well to her interpretation and it caused even more cheering, clapping and excitement. She closed with another song off her EP Laura Welsh, “Ghosts”. A beautiful song to close with.

All in all the show was a beautiful acoustic take on her already amazing songs. Her voice is so big and pure that you are locked into her the whole time. She walks the stage singing and looking into your eyes and captures the audience the whole time.

This was her first show in LA but it certainly will not her last based on her sound and the response from the crowd.

I know I will be attending her next show if I get a chance, and so should you. With the talent she has it’s worth going far out of your way to see her perform live.


  1. Kevin says:

    What venue was this. I did see something that she was supposed to play at School Night at Bardot, which I went to, but she was not on the bill when I arrived.

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