Lolawolf Live: Zoë Kravitz has serious sass

Lolawolf is an electric band. They have what I would describe as a grunge electronic R&B sound.The front woman of the band is Zoë Kravitz, daughter of singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet.

Lolawolf toured with Lily Allen for 6 weeks across America. On the last night of the tour October 10 at the Hollywood Palladium, I got the chance to see Lolawolf perform.

Zoë is an actress, singer, and model, I was familiar with her through movies she’s worked on like Divergent and Its Kind of a Funny Story. She sings alongside band mates Jimmy Giannopolous and James Levy.

Lolawolf began in (I believe) late 2013. They had their first self titled EP released in February of 2014.

Their new album is set to be released October 31 (iTunes says the 21st, we will see) titled Calm Down, which has singles like “Ayo” and “Jimmy Franco“.


Lola Wolf Concert

The Lolawolf experience

They hit the stage at approximately 9:00pm.

Zoë came out with long eccentric braids and cool attire with band mates Jimmy and James. She sang while they played the guitar and worked the drum machine.

These instruments were not creating normal drum and guitar noises but dark electric tunes. They opened with “What Love is” which is a twist on the 80’s lyrics “I wanna know what love is”.

Her set was 30 minutes, and they played other songs off their album like “Dirty Feeling” and closed with a full of sass song called “Bitch“.

During the ten songs played, Zoë sang, danced, banged a bass drum and symbol and even got in some twerking.

This show was the first time i got to hear their music. The crowd didn’t seem familiar with it either, but is was still a good set. I think the performance is about the sass that Zoë gives off. She puts her soul into the performance.


Their songs are electronic but she gives it much more feeling. I could feel the attitude behind her songs which give them a deeper grunge feel. She would move to each feeling, pound that drum, dance with her band mates or even drop it low for the crowd.

I think a lot of the excitement and attention this band gets is because of people’s love for Zoë. She didn’t speak much to the crowd, maybe out of nerves, but  made up for it with her performance. That’s really all a good show needs: an artist to put full energy and passion into their songs while performing.

Zoë definitely did that I could see her personality shine through her performance and that’s what made it a good show.

That night they gained a new fan, me.

They didn’t have to say much, the sass and attitude behind each song made me want to hear more. Each song surely got me dancing as well, and I believe it had the same influence on some in the crowd as well. I think with time their performances will be perfect.

With Zoë behind this band they’re bound to catch the eyes and ears of many more fans. I hope to see them headlining their own tour soon.

LOLAWOLF: What Love Is (Official Music Video)

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