Poison Ivory Inspiring with The Filth

Poison Ivory is a song writer and recording artist. She is creative in other ways as well. I learned in my interview with her she also is an artist. Her debut EP titled Filth displays mixed genres of rock, hip-hop, punk and pop. She is on her own label Poison Ivory Entertainment. On Wednesday October 16, 2014 she had a special show at a night club called Lure. Earlier that day I had the chance to interview Poison Ivory to get to know her a bit more and learn about her views and style.

Your style is very cool and unique what has influenced your style recently or growing up?
It’s kind of like a plethora of everything I’ve listened to growing up so I can’t really pin point it to one particular style. It’s got R&b it’s got rock in it folk a tiny bit of folk it’s got everything in it. Growning up I listened to Led Zepplin, Janice Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Tina Marie, SWV, TLC to Siouxsie and the Banshees. It’s a really weird I guess you can say, pallet of music.

The FilthWhat is your favorite Devine movie?
Umm I would definitely have to say Pink Flamingos.

Devine is a famous drag queen, actor and singer. Poison Ivory is a big fan of his.

You and Devine both use the word filth a lot. What does that word mean to you?
To tell you the truth, I didn’t really associate Devine and the filth together until people kept pointing out to me “oh like Devine” and then I started looking up John Waters films and I was like wow this is so fuckin cool it’s like Devine is the originator. The Filth was meant to be about something completely different, the Filth was supposed to be all the bullshit and lies that society pours into us. I felt like it was all filth… That’s why in my EP I talk about sex money and power those things are filthy and their not what make us and mold us…

What are your other art forms besides music?
I also illustrate and I co produce, I’m learning to produce right now. I have an art company called art piston and I sell stickers and t-shirts and I basically make giant art pieces it’s called art poison @artpoison. It ties in with my music. I have an art series called the Filth that ties in with my EP theres a piece of art for every song on my EP. That series is called The Filth. Right now I’m working on a series called acid art.

When someone listens to one of your songs what would you want them to feel? Or take from your music?

When people listen listen to my music, I want to take them into another world. I want them to draw there own conclusion of how it makes them feel because that’s what music does it pulls you into an alter universe. I want people to feel a little more self aware of what’s going on in their surroundings I want them to be inspired… I really just want them to be inspired really.

Where would you like your music to go in the future, would you like a big enough audience to make a change in the way people think in a grander scale?
Yeah you pretty much answered the question for me absolutely I definitely want to create a really huge following, I want to affect the world if I could I would affect the universe…if the aliens were super chill like “hey I listen to your music” I’d wanna effect them too. Then giggled.

What do you think makes a good show?
A live show is so incredibly important.

How you put it on is important – of course when you’re on a budget just make it so they can feel your soul. I think we’ve lost that element right now. There’s slot of cool artist that connect to their audience.

Right now the so called pop star is completly disconnected to their audience its very brainless and soulless… It’s like everybody shake your ass and have no brain. What happened to the time when everyone connected to the lyrics and it moved your soul and made you want to change the world and made people want to be something special… I hope that I can inspire everybody to be a better version of themselves and do something really awesome with their lives.

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