We’re *almost* ready to open the doors!

Thanks to all the the hard work we’ve been putting in over the past few months, BoxOfficeHero is now live with a very small group of test users. We’re excited to put the finishing touches on the site and open it up for the general public with a launch date of…

August 1st.

Special Thanks

I’d like to thank Jordan Skoblenick for his contributions and dedication to the code running in the back-end.

We’re grateful to the nice people at 99designs for helping with our logo and site design and for connecting us with zenzin who created the very cool look and feel of the site.

Special thanks to those kind people who have volunteered to provide feedback on BoxOfficeHero:

And lastly, but not least, my wife Ange, for putting up with many, many late nights and weekends.

Photo Creditrobstephaustralia

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