Colin James: Fifteen has Soul

This is it! Colin James’ latest contemporary album, “Fifteen” rings forth, as a true bellow of almighty goodness. You can almost taste the singer’s passion as he croons through hit after uplifting hit. “Stone Faith” might be considered the flagship song, as it pushes testimonial line after another, making reference to ‘hail mary’.

colin-james-fifteenWith a true honky tonk feel, this track is a bit bluesy and a whole lot contemporary goodness. You can’t help feeling good! “I’m Diggin” with Tom Wilson and Thomas ‘Tawgs’ Salter is another steadfastly awesome track, featuring George Harrison style guitar slides, talking pure angelic passion.

Altogether, I’d say “Fifteen” is an album definitely worth your time.


The steady beat on this track is enough for any lover of full-band style music. What more could you want in a track that features a short guitar solo by James?

“I finally wrote a song for you”, co-written by Ron Sexsmith is next, featuring a slower, more ambling track, filled with easy listening notes, with a love song feel to it, good for the touchy feely fans of James’. The drums are easy on this track, and James’ confesses to having written it on a bike ride of all places!

”Fool for You” Is another co-operative track from James with the throes of passion for some love of his. With a real twang and dramatically modern echoey sound, this track reeks of mush. Not bad, not bad, as “Jealous Guy”, a cover of a Donny Hathaway song (a black artist from the 70’s) is all about admitting mistakes. Can you identify or what?

“Sweets Gone Sour”, co-written with Gordy Johnson is another love song, possibly as James’ talks about in an interview about bees losing their ability to find their way back to the hive. Twisted or what! James plays through this tune with powerful riffs and a full sounding voice attached to his lyrics. Altogether, I’d say “Fifteen” is an album definitely worth your time.

James has upcoming tour dates, especially in Toronto at Lee’s Palace on Wednesday March 20 2013. Tickets are reasonably priced, and if you don’t live in Toronto then check out upcoming tour dates at or here on BoxOfficeHero

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