Wakey! Wakey! is coming to Toronto!

Well get ready because Wakey Wakey is coming to Toronto. This type of music is great for so many types of people because it blends easy listening piano and strings with loving top quality pop vocals of the smooth variety.

Now, before you get too excited, it’s worth noting that frontman Michael Grubbs was schooled in the classical style of music in his childhood.

This gives him a firm footing in playing wonderful songs such as “Brooklyn” with it’s humble tone and beautiful vocals.

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Classified is coming To Toronto!

The best, best, best, hands down track by this artist lately has got to be my inner ninja. It`s just all about improving yourself, and doing the best that you can. Classified, in case you have no idea, is a rapper coming out of Enfield Nova Scotia, or Halifax, eventually anyway. The Day Doesn`t Die is a more soothing track, designed to remind us that tomorrow`s always around the corner. It’s a hit.

The thing about Classified is that he has such a huge repertoire of hits that he can rely on to please the crowd. Let`s visit one of of his first big hits, ‘No Mistakes’. It’s all about Marijuana and how you shouldn’t be addicted.. And about how mistakes are just a part of life. ‘Feelin Fine’  is an awesome anthem featuring Jordan, all about good values and making the right choices. The video for this song is dope, check it out here:

‘Quit while you’re ahead’ is a song all about how Maestro Fresh Wes and Classified have got the veteran status when it comes to dropping rhymes and flipping beats. Who could argue with them when they put it like that, really. The video’s pretty dope, check it out here. It’s even got the typical hip hop bootie included.

‘Inspiration’ is all about focusing on the best things you can think of, and it’s dedicated to a dude named Phil Lacroix. There’s some really good strings on this track, so take a good listen.

This next song, ‘Maybe it’s Just me’ features an older dude named Brother Ali with a white goatee. He really tears it up, talking about Love and inspiration. It’s one of those songs that just makes you happy, and the video is chock full of an east coast house party as well as some nice scenery of the countryside. It’s really got some tight rhymes by the classmaster, so listen up here:

‘Unusual’ feat. Joe Budden is really another inspiring tune, and it’s got lots of authentic hand drums and sweet fx. Classified talks about the falsehood of fast friends on this track, and it’s really good to know that there’s someone holding it down for Canada out there. This guy has released over 12 albums in 12 years, and been on tour so much that he’s been to most major Canadian cities more than a few times. I suggest you check him out, you can find tickets here.

Looking for something to do this weekend in Toronto? We’ve got a list.

The devil makes three is coming to Toronto!

I’m not going to say much about this band except that if you like southern twang you’re going to be in for a treat. We’re gonna start it off with old number 7, a song about drinking in heaven. “I grew up fast and I grew up mean”… “up here the bottle never runs dry” I love it. It’s like a question…. are we allowed to drink in heaven? ‘The Bullet’ is all about death. Who can’t relate to that. It’s got a really moving tempo, and I think a lot of Bill Joel fans can relate to this song.

Rising from the ashes, this artist really connects with anyone who’s lonely. I can see why this track is a favourite. ‘Statesboro Blues’ has got some really tough banjo that nobody can mess with. The everpresent Double Bass really shines through on this track too. You can really feel the artist talking to you here, it’s like they are trying to fit into your conscience. ‘Do Wrong Right’, the title track off of the latest offering by this trio goes on to defy the convention of organized education. Now personally, I just enjoy sucking up the banjo and country style here, but the lyrics have got some really good content too.

The group’s members are guitarist Pete Bernhard, upright bassist Lucia Turino, and guitarist and tenor banjo player Cooper McBean, and I really have to stand up got Lucia because she brings the fire. I’m going to run through a few more tracks for us here, because just something about the Devil Makes Three inspires me. ‘Black Irish’ is a  song about visceral sensitivity, talking about doing everything you feel like doing and doing it tonight. Who can’t identify with this kind of talk. Well I guess that’s really the band’s moniker shining through.

You can check out that song, but before you do that, check out this one.

This song is all about regret and lost opportunities, so we can all feel a tad of that can’t we. I really am getting addicted to this twang, although my roommate is complaining for Dragonforce, an act that you can’t even compare to this rockabilly. The thing I like most about the Devil Makes Three is their collusion, the way they just blend together so well. That`s got to be the biggest factor in my appreciation. `Never Learn` is all about rebelling against society. Tickets are on sale now for their show at The Opera House, so get going!

Get your tickets here!

Jonas Brothers Live comes to Toronto!

The Jonas Brothers are world record holders for having 5 singles enter the top 20 billboard charts in 2009. I tell you. ‘Lines Vines and Trying Times’ is their latest offering, and it’s jam packed with hits. ‘Don’t Speak’ starts off with great inspiring strings, and just goes on to soliloquise the thought that sometimes we’re better off without words. This song really rips it up, talking about how the future is out of focus. I really love it.

‘Turn Right’ is the next offering on this album, much smoother and more mellow. The strings are back though, a keynote of this whole album. This song sounds like it’s being sung directly to some lover of one of these brothers, what a lucky girl. Moving on, there’s this track,

‘Hey baby’, which demands a little respect.

Well can’t boy bands let loose now and then with a little bit of angst?

Sure they can! I can really identify with this song, as it reminds me of a few choice words I’ve had for a few of my exes-hah. Don’t charge me for the crime is next, and it’s filled with plenty of groovey sounds effects, suggesting the innocence of people just trying to make a buck. The pursuit of the American dream gets defended here, for anyone that can identify with that, I know you’re out there.

‘What did I do to your heart’ reminds me of an Elvis song, apologetically singing the sorrows of a broken heart. There’s even a harmonica solo along with the usual strings. You’ve gotta love these brothers.

‘Black Keys’ is next, which starts out with some melodious piano, and the song’s main appeal is as a love song towards an unknown object of affection. It sounds good to me! Jonas Brothers are coming to Molson Amphitheatre on Thursday July 18 so get ready!

Jesse Cook – Amazing.

Jesse Cook comes across as a superb guitarist, with A hint of Leona Boyd for any of you that can remember that far back. ‘Tempest’ is a song that will keep you moving moving moving. It`s got lots of light riffs, and the dexterity with which Jesse plays makes it no wonder he won a Juno for best album.

‘Spanish Sunset’ has an epic feel that you might find on a movie soundtrack, for instance, and this song actually gave this reviewer the chills. What do you think guys?

‘Battle and Burn’ is another song, going back to 1998 now, where we hear Jesse build his melody with a constant flow of claps and light drums. The guy is just phenomenal. Is it Flamenca? Is it Gypsy? It`s amazing. It will get you out of your seat, and moving to the groovsic 🙂

We could compare Cook to other contemporary artists, but it`s really not like that much else out there unless you come from Spain. Santa Marta, off of the album Rumba Foundation is a lamentation in musica, and not to be missed. ‘Tuesday`s child’ and ‘Manolo`s lament’, more gifts from off of the Rhumba Foundation have plenty of full sounding guitar riffs. Manolos lament sounds like the artist is taking us in a a journey somewhere with some accordian thrown in for extra sauce.

‘Dance of Spring’ just makes you want to move, as it ambles along a staccato delivery of all the right strings. It’s more than you can do not to sit still. Sometimes the guitar is so rapid, you can barely see Cook’s hands move in the video. The traditional drums backing up the guitar on this track give it a steady beat, until it ends on a note of melancholy.  Check it out here:

Jesse Cook

Get out to see Jesse Cook, and I guarantee that almost no matter who you are, you will have a great time. Tickets are on sale now! The randolph theatre May 3rd and May 4th.


Tim McGraw does Toronto!

Tim McGraw is coming to Toronto people. What do I have to say about that you may ask. Well, a few choice things. The first of all is, have you heard Tim McGraw? He’s the Elvis of country music currently, and it just sounds good to me, talking about how some outcast girl still feels good to him no matter the happenstance of her life. Then all, of a sudden McGraw’s in the bar, still ‘lost in that cherry lip gloss’. When you write a song like this, it’s just meant to be shared.

‘Live like you were dying’ is an ode to old age and the recurring thoughts to do as much as you can possibly do before you kick the bucket. Now even a theme like this might make some artists quiver, but not McGraw. He can still make it sound like it’s pure poetry.

The thing about this concert is that it will SELL OUT IN NO TIME FLAT, so get your tickets while you can. Now I’m going to take a run down of some more McGraw offerings.

‘Just to see you smile’ is an ode to a long love, and the emotion really comes through in McGraw’s voice. If he quit his job to be with a girl, she must have been a real humdinger. ‘Don’t take the girl’ is a softer melody, and it’s all about inclusiveness and marriage. You’ve gotta melt on this one people.

‘Truck Yeah’ is a song about guess what. TRUCKS!. It’s got that honkey tonk feel to it, and the video’s jampacked with clips of McGraw’s trucking buddies. You can almost taste the oily hillbilly hair polish on this one.

‘One of those nights’ is a feel good anthem by McGraw, and  you can catch him here in his trademark stetson. Tickets are already on sale – don’t miss out!

Tim McGraw in Toronto – Thursday, July 25th, 2013


Colin James: Fifteen has Soul

This is it! Colin James’ latest contemporary album, “Fifteen” rings forth, as a true bellow of almighty goodness. You can almost taste the singer’s passion as he croons through hit after uplifting hit. “Stone Faith” might be considered the flagship song, as it pushes testimonial line after another, making reference to ‘hail mary’.

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