Shawn Mendes Accoustic Headline at The Wiltern

Shawn Mendes is a 17 year old Canadian that had his rise to fame on Vine. Vine is a social media app in which you post 6 second videos. His vines were simple vids of him singing covers from Ed Sheeran to Lana Del Rey and even One Direction. He’s done a large variety of covers on Vine as well as YouTube. He grew very popular with an outstanding 3.7 million followers. And then he got introduced to people like Ed Sheeran and finally signed with Island Def Jam Records.

He set out on a mini Headlining tour with one show in New York and one In Los Angeles. This Los Angeles show was at the Wiltern on November 26th. I had the honor of being at this show and it was truly a great show.

It was a very simple production. He was center stage with a guitar and mic nothing fancy and his name SHAWN MENDES projected on the back curtain. The show was pretty incredible as it was a completely acoustic theater show. He is still very new in the game but his voice can stand alone in creating an enjoyable experience.

Most in the audience are what you call fan girls, they are head over heels for him. Tons of screaming accompanied everything he said. His songs are so pure and clean accompanied by his guitar alone. He sounded beautiful all night singing songs from his first EP titled Shawn Mendes. He also threw in a few cover songs that started off his career and are definitely fan favorites. In between songs he would say a few words but he was definitely shy. For one of his first shows it’s expected and I know he will warm up to the large crowds and really entertain to the upmost in the future.

Through out the night he also introduced the crowd to new songs from the album he was working on at the time and now available on iTunes entitled Handwritten. When performers do this it creates a wonderful feeling in the crowd. To have an intimate sneak peak like that is great. He did something else I thought was great he taught the crowd a song and had everyone sing along to his new song Something Big. Things like these are what make a concert special. He closed with of course his most popular song Life of the Party, his first single.

I left this concert thinking he has got some major talent and Shawn Mendes is going places!

Cage the Elephant “best show of your life ” Tower Theatre

“All right lets go, the spirit of rock and roll has been revived!” Matt Shultz first words to the crowd as he stepped out on the small stage presented by Los Angeles’ ALT 98.7 at Tower Theatre on February 6, 2015. The band had a quick sound check so he had some time to speak to the crowd. That certainly got the show off to a good start. He continued with the words “you’re about to have the best show of your life…or a melt down, I could have a melt down.” I knew by the first song what he said was true, for most this would be the best show of their life. For me it came very close to true.

I’ve been a big fan of Cage the Elephant for about a year. The first show I went to of theirs at the Ventura Theater got me obsessed. It by far won for the best show of my life. This time around the venue was smaller and more intimate. Being such a small theater did not disappoint it gives the show a more warm and special feeling. The energy of lead singer Matt Shultz never disappoints. He knows how to rock out and make the crowd feel unbelievable.

They opened with their song Spiderhead off the album Melaphobia released in October of 2013. This is a huge song to get the crowd started. I was up front taking photos and I couldn’t help but dance! That’s what’s great about their music in general it’s feel good music and it makes you want to dance, sway and jump around. When you pair that with a great group of guys performing it creates an incredible show. This show at Tower Theatre was a celebration so to speak. The Grammys were to take place two day later.

The band recieved a Grammy nominations or Best Alternative Album for Melephobia. The band continued through the show with songs from this album like Take It Or Leave It, Telescope, and Cigarette Daydreams just to name a few. They of course played classics like Shake Me Down, and Back Against the Wall. One thing that’s tremendous about their shows is the crowd alone, this band attracts some respectable people. I’ve noticed this at both shows I’ve attended.The crowd is overjoyed to be there they are kind to everyone jump and dance around and area realm of happiness. This show was full of massive supporters that sing along to every word and love every minute of it.

Shultz surely is a top performer. He has tremendous interaction with the audience, he crowd surfed a total of seven times! The crowd is prepared and on high alert the entire show awaiting his jump into the crowd. Two songs before the closing song they fake ended but were brought back with chants of ” Cage, Cage, Cage, Cage…” and “encore, encore, encore…” which by the way is a tradition to any show in history. At this time Brad Shultz, Matts brother came on stage and said “Sorry we’re not playing anymore songs, Matt can’t sing anymore!” The band then came up and Matt got on stage and said “that’s why we don’t let Brad have a Mic!” and continued the show with Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked, another timeless favorite of mine and the crowd.

They concluded with Sabber Tooth Tiger – a hard core rock song in which Shultz jumped into the crowd a literally stood and surfed across the crowd. A spactacular end to a rad show. I would love to see the, as many times as I possibly can because the experience is tremendous. You absolutely have to catch them when they come around to you it could be “the best show of your life…or a meltdown.” Check dates here



Poison Ivory Inspiring with The Filth

Poison Ivory is a song writer and recording artist. She is creative in other ways as well. I learned in my interview with her she also is an artist. Her debut EP titled Filth displays mixed genres of rock, hip-hop, punk and pop. She is on her own label Poison Ivory Entertainment. On Wednesday October 16, 2014 she had a special show at a night club called Lure. Earlier that day I had the chance to interview Poison Ivory to get to know her a bit more and learn about her views and style. [Read more…]

Lolawolf Live: Zoë Kravitz has serious sass

Lolawolf is an electric band. They have what I would describe as a grunge electronic R&B sound.The front woman of the band is Zoë Kravitz, daughter of singer-songwriter Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet.

Lolawolf toured with Lily Allen for 6 weeks across America. On the last night of the tour October 10 at the Hollywood Palladium, I got the chance to see Lolawolf perform.

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Laura Welsh – Big Sound in a Small Room

At 9:30pm on October 8th Laura Welsh stepped onto the stage at a small, private club to perform her first show in Los Angeles with a keyboard player to her left. I was there and I’m very glad I had the chance to see her debut here in LA.

Laura Welsh is an English singer/songwriter making her debut in Los Angeles. Laura is a lovely young woman based in London, England. She released her first EP in 2013, only in the UK. This July she had her first self titled EP Laura Welsh released in the american iTunes Store which features songs like “Ghosts” and “Break the Fall“.

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Cage the Elephant in Ventura, CA: A Powerful Experience

Cage the Elephant rocked the Majestic Ventura Theater

Ten thousand people stand alone now, and in the evening the sun sets, tomorrow it will rise, time flies by, they all sang along. From “Come a little closer” by Cage the Elephant

If you aren’t familiar with the band they have an eclectic sound with the mix of classic rock, funk and blues; because of their versatile sound it’s easy to listen to them in a calm mood or not so calm mood. [Read more…]

Wakey! Wakey! is coming to Toronto!

Well get ready because Wakey Wakey is coming to Toronto. This type of music is great for so many types of people because it blends easy listening piano and strings with loving top quality pop vocals of the smooth variety.

Now, before you get too excited, it’s worth noting that frontman Michael Grubbs was schooled in the classical style of music in his childhood.

This gives him a firm footing in playing wonderful songs such as “Brooklyn” with it’s humble tone and beautiful vocals.

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Wicked in New York – Good for Kids?

It is important to make the right choice when you take your kid or kids to their first Broadway show for the first time. Make the wrong choice and they will be put off theatre for life, you want the visit to be magical, enthralling and most of all fun. What broadway shows are good for kids?

Kids are introduced to the world of entertainment from an early age through mother reading bedtime stories and the childrens TV shows that has them glued to the screen and there is nothing nicer than the sound of childish laughter as they spot something funny.

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Colin James: Fifteen has Soul

This is it! Colin James’ latest contemporary album, “Fifteen” rings forth, as a true bellow of almighty goodness. You can almost taste the singer’s passion as he croons through hit after uplifting hit. “Stone Faith” might be considered the flagship song, as it pushes testimonial line after another, making reference to ‘hail mary’.

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