How to unblock Craigslist (US, CA, UK etc)

We’ve found three good ways to ensure you can connect to craigslist even if your main IP address is temporarily OR even permanently blocked.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from your current and future craigslist IP bans…

#1 Highly Recommended Option: Ivacy VPN ($)

Unblocking a website like craigslist using a VPN or Virtual Private Network is quick and easy on computers, tablets and mobile phones – if you get connected with the right VPN provider.

We recommend Ivacy for a few reasons – firstly because they have working network connections to craigslist, Livenation and

This is essential because other VPN companies and providers sometimes don’t and it shows after signing up with other random VPN company you discover that the vpn works fine for Netflix or Hulu but doesn’t work for craigslist.

In order to unblock craigslist you need a clean IP address that hasn’t been used by bots or other scammers. So far it seems that Ivacy has kept their network clear of the kind of hackers and bots that could get their IP addresses banned by craigslist. This is impressive and considering that they have been operating for several years it bodes well for the future. This VPN should work for a long time when you need it to.

The bottom line:

The Ivacy VPN works to unblock craigslistSign Up Here in seconds and reconnect to craigslist in under 5 minutes.


 Ivacy provides all of their customers with a 30 day money back guarantee which is pretty standard for the industry. You will me able to unblock craigslist in just a few minutes so you can quickly buy the tickets you need without any more hassle. Sign up here in under a minute.


UPDATEIvacy has a limited time offer for LIFETIME access to their craigslist unblocking VPN service. That special offer is here (I am not sure when this will expire so check this first.)

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