Carolina Theatre's Retro Film Series

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Carolina Theatre Films - Cinema Overdrive - Pretty Poison [ Durham, NC ] · Sep 30 2020 @ 7:00pm

Carolina Theatre Retro Film Series - The Keep 35mm And Suspiria 4k [ Durham, NC ] · Oct 2 2020 @ 7:00pm

Carolina Theatre - Moviediva Film Series - The Prince Who Was A Thief [ Durham, NC ] · Oct 7 2020 @ 7:00pm

Carolina Theatre Retro Film Series - House On Haunted Hill And The Tin [ Durham, NC ] · Oct 9 2020 @ 7:00pm

Carolina Theatre Films - Cinema Overdrive - Maniac [ Durham, NC ] · Oct 14 2020 @ 7:00pm

Carolina Theatre Retro Film Series - The Lost Boys And Fright Night [ Durham, NC ] · Oct 16 2020 @ 7:00pm

Carolina Theatre - Moviediva Film Series - Bell Book And Candle [ Durham, NC ] · Oct 21 2020 @ 7:00pm

Carolina Theatre Retro Film Series - Labyrinth And Beetlejuice [ Durham, NC ] · Oct 23 2020 @ 7:00pm

Carolina Theatre Films - Cinema Orverdrive - Race With The Devil [ Durham, NC ] · Oct 28 2020 @ 7:00pm

Carolina Theatre Retro Film Series - The Rocky Horror Picture Show [ Durham, NC ] · Oct 29 2020 @ 7:30pm

Carolina Theatre Retro Film Series - The Rocky Horror Picture Show [ Durham, NC ] · Oct 30 2020 @ 7:30pm

Carolina Theatre - Moviediva Film Series - Romancing The Stone [ Durham, NC ] · Nov 4 2020 @ 7:00pm

Carolina Theatre Retro Film Series - The Sea Hawk And The Court Jester [ Durham, NC ] · Nov 6 2020 @ 7:00pm

Carolina Theatre Films - Cinema Overdrive - Prime Cut [ Durham, NC ] · Nov 11 2020 @ 7:00pm

Carolina Theatre Film - Kaijuquest - Shin Godzilla [ Durham, NC ] · Nov 13 2020 @ 1:00pm

Carolina Theatre Films - Kaijuquest - Jurassic Park [ Durham, NC ] · Nov 13 2020 @ 1:10pm

Carolina Theatre Films - Kaijuquest - Tremors [ Durham, NC ] · Nov 13 2020 @ 3:20pm

Carolina Theatre Films - Kaijuquest - Deep Blue Sea [ Durham, NC ] · Nov 13 2020 @ 3:30pm

Carolina Theatre Films - Kaijuquest - Ghidorah [ Durham, NC ] · Nov 13 2020 @ 5:10pm

Carolina Theatre Films - Kaijuquest - Lake Placid [ Durham, NC ] · Nov 13 2020 @ 5:30pm

This artist has also appeared with:

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Carolina Theatre Films - Retroclassics


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Anime Magic- Fantastic Planet

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Jaws 3-D

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My Brilliant Career

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Return to Oz

Mysteryrealm Film Series - The Silence Of The Lambs

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Carolinla Theatre Films - Retroclassics

Mysteryrealm Film Series - Murder By Death

Retromusicals- Gypsy

Arthouse- City Lights

Splatterflix Film Series - Sleepaway Camp

The Sacrifice

Retro Film Series- The Ultraman Double Feature

Splatterflix Film Series - Creepshow

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Anime Magic- Castle In The Sky

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Splatterflix - Chopping Mall


Retroepics- The Right Stuff

Splatterflix - Wolfen

Retro Film Series- Rawhead Rex

Retroepics Film Series - This Is Cinerama

Arthouse- The Lord Of The Flies


Retrofantasma- Hocus Pocus & Beetlejuice

Mysteryrealm Film Series - Witness For The Prosecution

Retromusicals- Kiss Me Kate

Splatterflix Film Series - Amityville 3-D

Retro Film Series- Christmas Evil

Arthouse- Cronos

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Retromusicals- An American In Paris

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Retrotreasures- Streets Of Fire & The Last Dragon

Retro Treasures Film Series - Raising Arizona & The Blues Brothers

The Shining & Ghost Story

Retro Film Series - Night of the Comet & Teen Witch

Sorcerer & The French Connection

Retro Film Series - Sword of Vengeance & Revenge of the Ninjo

Retrotreasures- His Girl Friday & Stage Door

An American Werewolf In London & Cat People

Retrofantasma- Westworld & The Car

Retro Classics Film Series - Deliverance & The Searchers

Retro Film Series - The Big Lebowski & Fargo

Return To Oz & Something Wicked This Way Comes

Retro Film Series - Lost in America & Glengarry Glen Ross

Retroamore- Tootsie & My Favorite Year

The Poseidon Adventure & Raise The Titanic

Retro Film Series - Death Becomes Her & The Craft

Retroclassics- Blow Out & The Conversation

Retroclassics- Vertigo & The Man Who Knew Too Much

Retro Treasures Film Series - Double Indemnity & The Apartment

Retro Film Series - Young Frankenstein & The Man with Two Brians

Retro Film Series - While You Were Sleeping & Grosse Pointe Blank

Retroclassics- The Big Sleep & The Postman Always Rings Twice

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? & Mildred Pierce

Retro Film Series - Short Circuit & Robocop

Moonstruck & Say Anything

Splatterflix - Friday The 13th Part Vi

Retro Film Series - The Thing & They Live

Retro Classics Film Series - Dracula & Freaks: Tribute to Tod Browning

Retrotreasures- The In-laws & Who Is Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe

Retrofantasma- Alien & Event Horizon

Retro Classics - House of Wax & Gaslight: Terror Behind the Curtains

Retro Film Series - Midnight Run & Coffy

Retro Film Series - Night Of The Hunter & Kansas City Confidential

Grease & All That Jazz

Retro Film Series - Hopscotch & The Ritz

The Goonies & The Monster Squad

Retro Film Series - Jaws & The 'Burbs

Retro Film Series - Tombstone & Miracle Mile

Carolina Theatre Films - Nevermore Fundraiser

Retro Treasures Film Series - Dirty Dancing & Road House

Retrofantasma- Invasion Of The Body Snatchers & The Blob

Retroamore- White Christmas & The Umbrella Of Cherbourg

Retro Treasures Film Series - Smokey and the Bandit & The Sting

Anime Magic- Watershed Down

Nevermore Fundraiser

Retro Film Series - Coming to America & Breakin'

Retrofantasma- The Abominable Dr. Phibes & The Gorgon

Retro Film Series - Breakin' 2 & I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka!

Splatterflix - C.H.U.D

Fried Green Tomatoes & Legend Of Billie Jean

Retro Film Series - Carolina Theatre Durham

Nevermore- The Evil Dead & Evil Dead Ii

Eraserhead & Evilspeak: Uncut Director's Version

Retro Film Series - Friday The 13th Part 2 & The Shining

Splatterflix - Friday The 13th Pat Vi

Retrofantasma Film Series - Labrynth & Legend

Retro Film Series - Back To The Future & Weird Science

Retrotreasures- Scrooged & To Be Or Not To Be

Retrofantasma Film Series - Monty Python and the Holy Grail & Roxanne

Retro Film Series - Murder, My Sweet & Gun Crazy

Retroclassics- The African Queen & Treasure Of The Sierra Madre

Retroclassics- Cobra & Tango And Cash

Retrofantasma- Magic & The Last House On The Left

Victor/Victoria & What's Up Doc?

Retro Film Series - Black Sabbath & Deep Red

Retro Classics Film Series - Jim Henson's The Muppet Movie & Harvey

Retrotreasures- Dirty Dancing & Hairspray

North By Northwest & Charade

Sid and Nancy

Retrofantasma- House & The Legacy

Retro Film Series - The Hitch-Hiker & He Walked By Night

Retro Film Series - Frankenstein & Bride Of Frankenstein

Retroclassics- Diabolique & Purple Noon

Retrofantasma Film Series - The Howling & Nosferatu the Vampire

Retro Film Series - Real Genius & Road House

Retrotreasures- Adventures Of Baron Munchausen & And Now For Something

Retrotreasures-the Lavender Hill Mob & The Man In The White Suit

Carolina Theatre Films - My Neighbor Totoro & Wizards

Mommie Dearest & The Women

Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Christine

Retroclassics- Hush, Hush,... Sweet Charlotte & Wait Until Dark

Retro Treasures Film Series - Harold and Maude & Being There

Retrofantasma- Suspiria & Warlock


The Odd Couple & The Producers

Retro Film Series - Christmas Vacation & Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Retrofantasma Film Series - Annie Hall & When Harry Met Sally

Retro Film Series The Gate & Demons

Retro Film Series - Faster Pussycat ...Kill! Kill! & Showgirls

Retrofantasma- Brainstorm & Outland

Retroclassics- Pale Rider & True Grit

Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert & Polyester

Retroamore- To Have And Have Not & Dark Victory

Retrofantasma Film Series - Escape From New York & Jacobs Ladder

Retroclassics- The Black Stallion & Stand By Me

Tron & Logan's Run

Retro Film Series - The Bishop's Wife & The Man Who Came to Dinner

Retro Film Series - Kiss Me Deadly & The Killer Is Loose

Retrofantasma Film Series-Spaceballs & Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Retro Film Series - Paths of Glory & Fail-Safe

Retro Film Series - Spellbound & Notorious

Retrotreasures- High Anxiety & Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

Retrofantasma- Forbidden Planet & The Green Slime

Retro Classics

The Lost Boys & The Witches Of Eastwick

Retro Classics Film Series- Dr. Srtangelove & The Manchurian Candidate

Retrotreasures- The Secret Of Nimh & Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm

The Fly & Tarantula

Retro Film Series - First Blood & Die Hard

Retrofantasma Film Series - Jaws & Tremors: Terror From Below

Retro Film Series - Monty Python & Holy Grail / A Fish Called Wanda

Retro Film Series - The Lady From Shanghai & Scarlet Street

Retroclassics- Repo Man & 1984

Retroamore- Overboard & The Cutting Edge

Carolina Theatre Film - Retrofantasma

Retrotreasures Film Series

The Thin Man & Sorry Wrong Number

Retroclassics- The Holy Mountain & El Topo

Retro Classics Film Series- Dr. Strangelove & The Manchurian Candidate

Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid & Cat Ballou

Retro Film Series - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Christine

Ten Little Indians & Evil Under The Sun

Retro Film Series - Better Off Dead & Joe Versus the Volcano

Retro Film Series - The Muppet Movie & The Dark Crystal

Retrofantasma- Critters & Night Of The Creeps

Retrofantasma- Cat's Eye & Carrie

Carolina Theatre Film - Retrotreasures

Ferris Bueller's Day Off & Real Genius