Shirley Brown

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Sir Charles Jones

Mel Waiters

Theodis Ealey

T.K. Soul

Bobby Rush

Pokey Bear

Lenny Williams


Clarence Carter

Calvin Richardson

Floyd Taylor

Bobby "Blue" Bland

Willie Clayton

Blues Festival

MS Jody

Denise Lasalle

Jeff Floyd


Bobby Womack

Bishop Bullwinkle

Motor City Blues Festival

St. Louis Blues Festival

Ronnie Bell

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

The 13th Annual Motor City Blue Festival

The 13th Annual Gateway Blues Festival

Blues & Brews


Magic City Music Fest

Maze FEAT: Frankie Beverly, Tucka, Shirley Brown, Labrado, and More

Syleena Johnson

Betty Wright


Carl Sims

Pat Brown

Melvia "Chick" Rodgers-Williams


Kenny Wayne

Calvin Richardson

Shirley Brown

Tri-state Blues Festival


11th Annual St. Louis Blues Festival


The 11th Annual Motor City Blues Festival

Shirley Murdock

T.K. Soul

Raleigh Blues Festival

Angela Winbush

6th Annual Raleigh Blues Festival

Maze FEAT: Frankie Beverly, Tuka, Shirley Brown, Labrado, and More

Charles Wilson

Nashville Blues Festival

14th Annual Chi-town Blues Festival

Soul Fest

Mel Waiters

The 9th Annual Dallas Blues Festival

Pat Brown

Shirley Brown

H-Town Blues Festival

The 13th Annual Shreveport Blues Festival

The Manhattans, Sir Charles Jones, Shirley Brown

The Manhattans, Angela Winbush

Bayou Blues Fest

Magic City Music Fest

Bigg Robb

The 4th Annual Greenville Blues Festival (Talent To Follow)


Kenne Wayne

Urban Mystic

Calvin Richardson

Shirley Brown

Theodis Ealy

Atlanta Blues Festival

The 4th Annual Greenville Blues Festival

14th Annual Tri-state Blues Festival

Shirley Brown

T.K. Soul

The Manhattans