Pokey Bear

This artist has also appeared with:

Sir Charles Jones


Calvin Richardson

Theodis Ealey

T.K. Soul

Bobby Rush

Lenny Williams


Willie Clayton

Bishop Bullwinkle

Ronnie Bell

MS Jody

Shirley Brown



Shirley Murdock

Tyree Neal

Melvia "Chick" Rodgers-Williams


MC Lightfoot

Nellie "Tiger" Travis


MS Jody

Big Easy Blues Festival

Clarence Carter

Memphis Tri-State Blues Festival

14th Annual Chi-town Blues Festival

Grady Champion

Sir Charles Jones

Roy C.

The 13th Annual Motor City Blue Festival

The 13th Annual Gateway Blues Festival

The 12th Annual Big Easy Blues Festival

Rochester Musicfest

Syleena Johnson

Betty Wright

Roi Anthony

An Evening Under The Stars 3rd Annual Blues Festival

Charlie Wilson

DJ Captain Charles

Pokey Bear & Friends

Pre-Labor Day Blues Show

12th Annual St. Louis Blues Festival

City of Roch MusicFest: Senator Robach presents Funk, Blues & BBQ


16th Annual Tri-State Blues Festival

Pokey Bear

11th Annual Big Easy Blue Festival

An Evening Under The Stars Blues Festival

Bad Boys Of Blues

10th Annual Big Easy Blues Fest

Brian Jack

Pokey Bear & Brian Jack

The 6th Annual Cashville Blues Festival

4th Annual Gate City Blues Festival

Chuck Johnson

Soul Fest

Nellie Tiger Travis Blues Band

Southern Soul Music Classic for the Grown & Sexy



11th Annual Big Easy Blues Festival

Jeff Floyd

H-Town Blues Festival

Boys Night Out October Fest with T.K. Soul, Big Pokey Bear, Jeff Floyd

Rochester Musicfest

7th Annual Columbia SC Blues Festival

Blues In The Park

15th Annual Memphis Tri-State Blues Festival

Bigg Robb

Sen Joe Robach pres. City of Rochester MusicFest: FUNK, BLUES & BBQ

The 7th Annual Milwaukee Blues Festival

Millie Jackson

10th Annual Big Easy Blues Fest

17th Annual Tri- State Blues Festival

Atlanta Blues Festival

Karen Wolfe

The 8th Annual Milwaukee Blues Festival

Milwaukee Blues Festival

Motor City Blues Festival


Greenville Blues Festival

An Evening Under The Stars Blues Festival

Chris Beard

Adrian Bagher

Ob Buchana