Downtown Brown

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The Adicts

Angry Samoans

Dog Fashion Disco


Peelander-Z with Downtown Brown / Sean Green, Photographer

Tsol, Downtown Brown, the Velisha, Neuropathy

Dog Fashion Disco, Downtown Brown

Left Hand Backwards

Fishbone, Law

Downtown Brown, the Doozers, the Scapes

Peelander-Z with Downtown Brown, Matt Wixon's Flying Circus and Sean G

Dog Fashion Disco, Downtown Brown, Ltrain

Downtown Brown featuring Left Hand Backwards / Devil Montain Trio

Fishbone, Law, Downtown Brown

Downtown Brown, Ideamen, the Land Before Tim

HR of Bad Brains

Look What I Did

Downtown Brown featuring Zak & What Army?

Downtown Brown, Pinky Doodle Poodle

HR of Bad Brains, Downtown Brown

The Adicts with Downtown Brown

Psychostick featuring Downtown Brown / Look What I Did

Downtown Brown featuring Glostik Willy

Last Call Brawl

Downtown Brown, Pinky Doodle Poodle, Stone Clover

HR of Bad Brains, Downtown Brown, Rhino 39

Buckwheat Groats

Downtown Brown with Glostik Willy / Matt Wixon's Flying Circus / Carme

The Angry Samoans featuring Downtown Brown

Downtown Brown, Carmel Liburdi, Leaving Lifted, Ellyeahdehd

Dead Kennedys

HR of Bad Brains, Downtown Brown, Rhino 39, One Square Mile


Psychostick / Downtown Brown / Urizen

The Angry Samoans featuring Last Call Brawl / Downtown Brown


The Ill Itches

HR (Of Bad Brains), Downtown Brown, Local Anthology

Psychostick Plus Downtown Brown / Shat / Buckwheat Groats / Brentalflo

Downtown Brown, Carmel Liburdi, Suburban Bloodshed, Bride Stripped Bar

Angry Samoans Special Guests Downtown Brown & the Executors

Fishbone, Downtown Brown, Skapone, DJ Chuck Wren

Green Jelly

St. Thomas Boys Academy

Andrew W.K.

The Holy Guile



Cinco De Mayo Party with Peelander-Z

Tsol, Downtown Brown


Polkadot Cadaver

Bonfire, Downtown Brown, Winchester Rebels

Cinco De Mayo Party with Peelander-Z, Downtown Brown

Tsol, Downtown Brown, the Velisha


Psychostick w/ Polkadot Cadaver and Downtown Brown

Bonfire, Downtown Brown, Winchester Rebels, Overtop