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artists rendering of a music stage  Collie Buddz

Nestled in the artistic city of Wantagh, NY, in the awe-inspiring halls of Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall, This unforgettable musical journey promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will ignite your imagination and stir your emotions like never before. Hold onto your seats for a night of enchantment as the stage comes alive with a tapestry of lights, music, and incredible showcases of skill and talent that will leave you in awe and inspire you with their sheer brilliance. If you come you can expect Sammy Adams and Collie Buddz . Please be advised that the lineup of artists is subject to revision.

In a world where songs have the power to heal, uplift, and inspire, this event in Wantagh is set to be an unforgettable evening of music in its most authentic form. Get ready to splash yourself in a whirlwind of harmonies, rhythms, and soul-inspiring performances that will leave you captivated and yearning for more.

In a universe where music is the heartbeat of the soul, this concert promises to be a transformative journey through a symphony of emotions. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable musical exploration that will tug at your heartstrings, ignite your imagination, and leave an timeless imprint on your spirit.

Collie Buddz is not just a mere gathering of gift; it's a blend of mind-blowing mastery, awe-inspiring musicality, and pure genuine passion

The artists gracing the stage are not just performers; they are conduits of affection: storytellers who invite you to join in with their yarn. Through their passionate voices, soul-stirring melodies, and lyrical poetry, they will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and purging.

Spread the word, invite your friends, and save the date for a night that will stir your emotions, touch your heart, and ignite your spirit. Prepare to be swept away by the power of music at Collie Buddz at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall. Let the symphony of states of mind begin!

Yo, what's poppin' fam? Get ready to witness the illest event of the year, where the beats are fire, the lyrics are lit, and the stage is set for an unforgettable experience. Welcome to Collie Buddz, the ultimate showcase of raw talent and urban vibes, going down at the legendary Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall in the heart of Wantagh, NY.

Embrace the venue and let the energy engulf you like an invigorating cipher, as the air crackles with anticipation. This ain't just another concert, homie. It's a gathering of devoted hip-hop fanatics, a celebration of the culture that pumps through our veins. We're talking about beats that make your body move, rhymes that hit you deep in the soul, and a vibe that'll have you bouncing from beginning to end.

This concert is more than just a performance, my friend. It's an adventure that's meant to be shared. So call up your posse, share the hype, and let 'em know that Collie Buddz is where the action is. It's a night you won't wanna miss, a chance to witness the illest emcees droppin' mad rhymes., the hottest dancers breakin' it down, and the illest beats that'll have you movin' like you're on a hip-hop high.

This is your opportunity to join the hip-hop revolution, to immerse yourself in the culture and connect with fellow enthusiasts who feel the same rhythm. So put on your finest bling, lace up your flyest kicks, and get ready to party like there's no tomorrow.

Welcome to Collie Buddz, where the beats bang hard, the rhymes flow smooth, and the energy is off the charts. Inform your posse, rally your comrades, and snatch up those tickets before they vanish. This is the must-have ticket in town, and you don't want to be left out in the dark.

So get geared up to jam, to raise your hands in the air, and to let the music consume you. It's about to get crazy, and you're invited to the wildest event of the year. Let's make some noise, fam, and show the world what this culture is all about. Let's make history at Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall in Wantagh, NY. Let's do this!

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Starts: Mar 3 2023 @ 12:00pm
Ends: Jun 22 2023 @ 11:00pm
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Scheduled Lineup of Performers

Lineup is subject to scheduling changes.

Sammy Adams

Collie Buddz

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