Note: Our poorly trained interns and some computers with the help of AI and an editorial staff of chimps co-wrote this description based on a best guess of what awaits you at this event, the actual experience probably won't match up 100% with these expectations, but we imagine that you'll enjoy the performance anyways.

artists rendering of a theatrical live event The magic show PRETENDER

Set in the bustling city of Lillehammer, in the awe-inspiring halls of Maihaugsalen, This unforgettable theatrical journey promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will ignite your imagination and stir your emotions like never before. Prepare to be spellbound as the stage comes alive with a tapestry of lights, music, and Mind-blowing acts of artistry that will leave you in awe and inspire you with their utter brilliance.

Brace yourself for an immersive and mesmerizing event, filled with awe-inspiring performances, breathtaking visuals, and the magic of live theatre. On October 26th, 2023 at 6:00pm sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the world of creativity, as The magic show PRETENDER unfolds before your very eyes, igniting your senses and leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime. Let the enchantment begin!

The magic show PRETENDER is the masterpiece of a visionary team of creators, celebrated for their expertise in whisking audiences away to unimaginable realms

Combining groundbreaking storytelling techniques, awe-inspiring set designs, and an ensemble of exceptionally gifted performers, this production guarantees an experience that will leave you in awe and yearning for more.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this theatrical masterpiece that will be etched into the annals of live performance history. Bring together your friends, your loved ones, and those who understand the impact of storytelling, as The magic show PRETENDER takes the stage at the awe-inspiring Maihaugsalen in Lillehammer.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be amazed as we embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of magic! Welcome to The magic show PRETENDER, a mind-blowing spectacle that will leave you in awe and challenge your perception of reality. Come together at the spectacular Maihaugsalen in the bustling city of Lillehammer, where the future of magic unfolds before your eyes.

These portrayals of specific illusions are products of our editorial staff's creative imagination.

Stepping into the mesmerizing Maihaugsalen, you can't help but be swept away by the contagious anticipation that permeates the air. The stage is aglow with captivating lights, beckoning you to immerse yourself in a world of magic and mystery. This is not your typical magic performance; it is a captivating glimpse into the uncharted realms of the future.

As the curtains unveil the stage, get ready to be transported into a world where the laws of nature are bent and the extraordinary becomes the norm. Brace yourself for witnessing feats of mesmerizing amazement, where the boundaries between reality and illusion blend harmoniously. The illusionist, a genuine maestro of their trade, will accompany you through a web of enchantment, deftly knitting a captivating chronicle that will enthrall your imagination.

As the show builds to its climax, you will be transported into a realm where dreams transform into actuality and the confines of human imagination are obliterated. The grand finale will astound you, as the magician executes an act so astonishing, so mind-bending, that it will make you ponder the very essence of the universe.

When the last notes of applause fade away and the curtain comes down, you will be left with cherished memories that will stay etched in your mind for a lifetime.

Brace yourself to be transported into a realm of marvel and skepticism. Prepare for a remarkable night of enigma and astonishment. Experience the enchantment of The magic show PRETENDER, where the future of magic reveals itself before your eyes.

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Starts: Mar 18 2023 @ 9:00am
Ends: Oct 26 2023 @ 7:00pm
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