Note: Our poorly trained interns and some computers with the help of AI and an editorial staff of chimps co-wrote this description based on a best guess of what awaits you at this event, the actual experience probably won't match up 100% with these expectations, but we imagine that you'll enjoy the performance anyways.

artists rendering of a music stage  Saturday afternoon on the Patio w/ The NEW HEARTACHES

Set in the bustling city of Berwyn, IL, in the awe-inspiring halls of FITZGERALDS PATIO, This unforgettable musical journey promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will ignite your imagination and stir your emotions like never before. Hold onto your seats for a night of enchantment as the stage comes alive with a tapestry of lights, music, and incredible showcases of skill and talent that will leave you in awe and inspire you with their sheer brilliance.

In a world where melodies have the power to heal, uplift, and inspire, this concert in Berwyn is set to be an exceptional honoring of the purity of music. Prepare to soak yourself in a whirlwind of harmonies, rhythms, and heart-stirring performances that will leave you captivated and yearning for more.

Close your eyes and let the music wash over you, allowing each chord to resonate within your core. Feel the rise and fall of emotions, the swell of hope, the ache of longing, and the exhilaration of joy as the concert weaves its spellbinding magic.

Saturday afternoon on the Patio w/ The NEW HEARTACHES is not only a mere gathering of ability; it's a mixing of mind-blowing talent, awe-inspiring musicality, and pure unsullied zeal

As you step into FITZGERALDS PATIO's auditorium, be prepared to succumb yourself to a sensory overload of sights and sounds. The stage, a tapestry of opportunities, awaits the touch of destiny as it springs to life, painting an enduring memory in your mind.

So, let yourself go and immerse yourself in the magic of Saturday afternoon on the Patio w/ The NEW HEARTACHES at FITZGERALDS PATIO, dance as if no one is observing and revel in the moment, sing at the top of your lungs, and let the music be your guide as you embark on a journey of pure sonic euphoria.

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Starts: May 29 2023 @ 10:00am
Ends: Jun 17 2023 @ 3:00pm
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